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Pharaonic nonsense in the Brooklyn DA’s office…

So, gentle readers, Shelob returns….

Those of you who are lovers of history may recall the stories of ancient Egypt and its dynastic succession.  You also may recall how once the old Pharaoh died (or was murdered) the new Pharaoh ordered the immediate removal of his predecessor’s name from all monuments erected during his now-ended reign.  The purpose?  To deny the old Pharaoh any lasting memory and praise for his accomplishments.

There are some that may think the same zeal occurred here.  The chiseling started in the lobby on December 31, with the immediate removal of anything that had Hynes’ name on it.  I made a snap of the now empty space where the building dedication once hung by the elevators.  Granted, the sentiment it contained was cheesy and ungrammatical, but no one really paid any attention to it until it was suddenly gone.

Then, according to that darling girl, Gossip, the new administration moved into the building en masse on January 1, like an invading Mongol army sweeping over the steppes of Russia.

For those executives that had failed to take down the old boss’s  name and picture from their bureaus, a full crew of Thompson loyalists tapped for the task fanned out through the floors, removing anything remotely related to the old administration and making notes of the failure to conform.  Photos, signs, forms—everything with Hynes’ name was torn down.  For some reason these rabid loyalists managed to hold themselves back and displayed some discretion.  They didn’t recreate the seminal scene from Fahrenheit 451 (I suppose the FDNY frowns on bonfires in hi-rises after 9/11) and instead resorted to merely shredding the now verboten material. 

Then on Thursday, the barrage of emails from the 19th floor began with new letterhead forms and new fax forms. Hynes’ name is now to be stricken from any forms served in court.  The old Hynes internet website was removed and a new, mostly empty Thompson site was posted…though the intranet site is still rife with forms that have Hynes’ name on them. What’s up with that?  Seems IT is waiting for “down time” to do the deed. They better get some down time soon before they have all the time they need in the unemployment line. 

Rumor is that Thompson has decided to limit 19th floor access only to those people who have offices there.  Presumably, if only authorized people (read Thompson loyalists) are allowed on 19, then you can narrow down the source of any leaks to the news media.  Apparently Thompson learned how dangerous disgruntled workers can be.

And speaking of the news media, a known face was seen in the lobby on Thursday heading up to the 19th floor.  Apparently, the Black and Brown editrix, who was very helpful to Thompson during his campaign and according to my sources was a frequent anti-Hynes commentator on the rabid anti-Hynes blog Frum Follies under a nom de blog, is taking over the press office.   She is the logical choice as she was deputy press director a few years ago in the Hynes administration.  She should be familiar with the workings of the press director’s office (and especially its couch) from her time here as deputy press director under Davitt.  Yes, gentle readers, my source says it’s a fold out couch…how convenient for when you have to work late at night for a press conferences.


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